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A Thousand Passes Later, Fernando Goes From Hierro To Zero

By Khunulogo Mpolokeng   The great Pep Guardiola once aptly described playing the tiki-taka without much penetration where it matters most as pointless, and what a point that was! It is indeed very pointless, very much similar to bragging about... Continue Reading →


A Goal Made in Barcelona Makes The Seleção’s Win Even Sweeter

By Khunulogo Mpolokeng   It was because of Philippe Coutinho’s natural dexterity with a football that he could find the perfect run of his midfield partner at club and country, Paulinho, with a deft chip over the Serbian defenders’ heads... Continue Reading →

The Indispensable Nature of a Spanish ‘Messi’ and The VAR

By Khunulogo Mpolokeng   After Monday night’s Group B FIFA World Cup action, it has become clear that anyone who still has reservations about the controversial Video Assistant Referee (VAR) has never been a fan of the Spanish team. This... Continue Reading →

Five-Day Cricket For Two Years Straight? Love The Sound of That!

By: Khunulogo Mpolokeng   “With innovation, chances are slim that you’ll fail,” I advised a lady friend of mine the other day, but the conversation was not about cricket, sadly. My assumption is that she knows nothing about it, anyway;... Continue Reading →

Drunken Conversations and a Centenary For a ‘Beast’

  By: Izzy Maloyi.   I’ve always been amazed at how spontaneous learning can be at times – often happening in the places you least expect it to. I guess one might say the element of surprise is the beauty... Continue Reading →

Winning a Plate or World Championship, They All Were Victorious

At a time when I had a feeling that I had created a sentence that had the potential to be officially recognized as a ‘famous quote’, I created another: “When it comes to winning, the context doesn’t matter.” This was... Continue Reading →

La Furia Roja, Through and Through!

The thought of my beloved Spanish national team gives me a sense of optimism going into next month’s FIFA World Cup, more so now that the 23-man squad – which duly includes my favourite footballer in the world, Sergio Busquets... Continue Reading →

‘Untouchable’ Status Now Within Touching Distance

After avoiding defeat against the last of the opponents I thought would provide a serious threat to my beloved FC Barcelona’s invincible La Liga season, I think it’s now safe to predict with some confidence that we will, for the... Continue Reading →

Possession Doesn’t Win You Matches, It Wins Titles

To a lover of football teams that subscribe to the philosophy of keeping the ball and trying to dictate terms in each and every game – as is the case with my beloved Mamelodi Sundowns, Barcelona and the newly-crowned English... Continue Reading →

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