My dad recently learnt a new word – narcissism- and he thinks it’s an odd and brilliant word at the same time.

I promise that the aim of this piece is not to go about it like a narcissist, but I wish, like I did with the previous one, to highlight that I got a prediction right.

Our national cricket team, the Proteas, have won the first Test against Australia with a convincing 177 runs in Perth, and have proven what I foresaw back in August after we beat New Zealand’s Black Caps in a two-match Test series that we are back to being the best in Test cricket.

But wait, that is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, I’ve been so impressive with predictions this year that I started getting it right from as far back as February, when I prophesied that the Emirates Lions were going to do what they had never done before in their history and reach at least the semi-finals of this year’s Vodacom Super Rugby tournament. And what do you know, they finished the season as this year’s losing finalists.

And on with the bold predictions I went, when I again correctly predicted that Mamelodi Sundowns were going to be crowned this year’s CAF Champions League champions. But I guess that one could be seen as a bit less impressive because, unlike the Lions one, it came three months before it was proven correct whereas the first one was six months.

And then, of course, came the “hope on the horizon” prophesy, where I foresaw positive results forthcoming in the Test arena for the resurgent Proteas – something that we had last enjoyed many, many months prior to the Black Caps’ visit.

I think it would be fair to at least say I’ve been in fine form all year long.

My beloved father asked me if I’m familiar with the word ‘narcissism’ before duly picking up the dictionary to make sure that the definition I had given him was indeed correct. Had he asked me if this piece exposes the author’s disorder, I would have denied it rather categorically, and advised him that it’s instead the author’s art of being accurate.

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