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All things sport. Focusing mainly on soccer (or football, as some would rather call it), cricket and rugby. The articles here are opinions on all the cool stuff that is currently happening in the beautiful world of sport. I hope this will entertain, inform and educate you. If I could get one, just one dedicated female reader, then I will know that I would have achieved the ultimate goal.

To the gents and everyone else who generally follows sport, Enjoy 😉

The author:

My name is Khunulogo Disang Mpolokeng, and I am a 25-year-old sports journo from Ekurhuleni (east of Johannesburg), in South Africa. I am a Journalism graduate from Boston Media House, who now works at a community radio station as a sports news presenter.

I am a huge fan of the above-mentioned sporting codes, and I feel like the most controversial thing I often say is that the Spanish La Liga is the greatest league in the world. I hope that you will enjoy everything, or at least most of the things that I write about, as it is my wish to have you addicted to reading this blog.

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